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​​Paul Anthony  

Paul Anthony has been on the NYC original music scene for a few years now supporting three studio records by performing either solo acoustic or with his band at venues from Harlem to Forest Hills, from Wilmington North Carolina to Memphis, Tn and many spots in between.  His Americana/Rock style incorporates a unique rhythmic approach coupled with clean melodic vocal lines supported by two accomplished musicians, Mike Hadleman on Bass, and Jeremy Blynn on Drums.  The lyrical content is layered and accessible while the live show is energetically engaging and fun for both the performers and the audience. 

May 14th, 2020.

Paul Anthony Project is now Paul Anthony's Marauders! I will be returning to Memphis, Tn. in May 2022 for the Mushroom Festival and The Cove, as well as some extra gigs!  I have become a featured artist on Sessions Live!  My first booked livesteam will be 5-18-21!

2-11-21          2-5-22

Scallywag's                     Celtic Corner

508 9th Ave.               312 Lafeyette Ave.

NYC, NY                       Hawthorne, NJ

10pm                             6pm


Grand Vin

​500 Grand St.

Hoboken, NJ


5-14-22             4-17-22

Cove Bar                Stewed Cow

2559 Broad          400 Adams St.

Memphis, Tn        Hoboken, NJ                                                             7pm